Online Gambling Switzerland – The Best Deals 2023

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular, especially due to digitalization and the resulting emergence of the ability to bring casinos home. In this article we will take a closer look at, test and evaluate Swiss online casinos and similar Swiss online gambling.

The best Online Gambling Casinos

Our evaluation of Swiss Online Casinos

Here we will look at them in detail and at the same time evaluate the best online casinos in Switzerland. We will also provide more detailed information on the relevant topic. First of all, such a point as safety is very important here.

  • Security – How secure are the Swiss Internet casinos? Here you have to distinguish between two factors. The security of the data and the privacy of the player and the security of the player from addiction and dependence. If we refer to the first factor we can clearly say that this is guaranteed here. The player’s data is always handled with the utmost care and kept secret from other third parties . Here, one should not worry whether and how far the respective data is protected. These are securely encrypted, so that really only the casino and yourself have access to it. When it comes to the security of the player and its risk to addiction, we can also say with a clear conscience that this is a rather minor problem. Swiss Internet gambling has taken precautions on this point and helped to ensure that players have full control over their gaming activities. This is done by regularly querying, on the part of the providers, whether they are in the condition to continue playing. Also, players have the opportunity to set their own limits by setting fixed playing times and maximum stakes in the Internet casino.
  • Game selection – The game selection is obviously much larger than in local casinos and can only be recommended by us. From online poker, blackjack, bingo, roulette and lottery games to progressive jackpots, video poker, sports betting and slot machines, everything is there. There is also the possibility to discover new games through plug in ads. You just have to find the right provider that offers the game you want and off you go!
  • Bonuses and rewards – This is another point where the Internet clearly wins. Because what you would like to have at the local gambling but do not get, is offered twice with the respective providers on the Internet when playing online. Often, the player is offered the opportunity to accept a short-term but lucrative offer. This can occur in the form of bonuses for time played or a certain deposit amount, such as a €3 or €5 deposit at a casino, or through bonuses which the casino advertises to attract new customers. With these offers you can get relatively much out.

Gambling Online & Most Popular Online Casino Games

Swiss online casinos offer a variety of games of chance. Here, players can decide for themselves which games of chance they want to play on their device. While it depends on the offers from the online casino, the most popular games are usually the same and keep their place in the top 10 casino games. Here we have listed a few of the best and most popular online casino games:

The typical online casino games – Here are the typical games of chance listed. Everyone knows these from the local casino and can now play them online from anywhere.

  • Online Poker
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • BlackJack
  • Slots

Live Dealer Casinos – In this variant you can make the whole thing a touch more real. Instead of playing alone against a computer controlled program, you put yourself in a real casino atmosphere. Here you take part in a live event and can, as already mentioned, play together with other people and that all in the company of a real croupier.

Sports betting – Sports betting can also be played here. There is also a huge selection. Almost every sport has found its place on the Internet. The principle remains the same. The player bets on his team and has the chance to make a profit. In this case, however, he does not have to go to the betting office of his choice, but can have his winnings transferred to his account.

According to the analysts, in 2019 the global gambling market reached a value of 60 billion dollars and is projected to reach 458 billion by 2026 (the data taken from here: Gambling is increasingly becoming part of the lives of ordinary citizens, so it is so important to have a modern understanding and be able to navigate there.

Advantages of Swiss Online Gambling

In the Swiss casino, the main focus is on fairness and respectability. That is why it is controlled by a supervisory authority, which issues a certificate for the casino. Moreover, there are rules that are supposed to prevent gambling addiction and that casinos have to abide by.

Thus, there is a self-blocking feature that a player can set up to prevent him from logging into a casino online. It likewise prevents creating an account with another provider.

  • Modern casino software with secure encryption is used.
  • The games can be played via cell phone and tablet
  • There is a good customer service that answers the questions of the players
  • There is a responsible approach to the addiction to gambling
  • A wide range of payment methods is offered to players


The casinos offer a wide range of casino games on the Internet, which includes lottery games, sports betting and table games. You can play them via desktop from home or on a smartphone on the go without having great knowledge of computers.

This year, the trend has increased once again, which is why the providers have made a new game offer to the gaming community. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the games that we have mentioned. Namely, these currently have the best bonus offers and special conditions.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Can I participate in Swiss online gambling with my cell phone?

Yes, you can. To participate in any of the casino games, you need to install a casino app on your cell phone and ensure good internet reception.

Can I play online gambling games for free?

Almost all Swiss online casino websites have free games that you can play without registering. Take the opportunity to compare games and casinos and test your strategies!